Aircraft Appraisal

Canada-Aircraft-Appraisal (EAC)

Canada-Aircraft-Appraisal (EAC) specializes in new and used aircraft sales since 1979 and over the years became an international aircraft brokerage and consulting firm. Our company has developed a strong reputation for reliability and flexibility, in meeting the various needs of its clients in the regional, national and international sectors. We appraise all single on wheels or floats, multi engine piston aircraft, turboprop or jet types up to 70,000 lbs.


Canada-Aircraft-Appraisal (EAC) appraisals are based on today’s market values and retails prices, it will always indicate the lowest and highest market values of the market.

In the process of an aircraft appraisal we have to consider the following points : airframe total time, year, engine time, overhauled or factory engine, propeller, avionics, additional equipment such as floats, stol kit, conditions, etc. When it comes to the interior and exterior, if we don’t see the aircraft we give no value, otherwise we appraise according to its condition.

When an aircraft accrues more than 4000 hours on the airframe, the basic price should be adjust according to the specific aircraft average flying time per year which gives us a new base value.

For the appraisal of a sophisticated aircraft such as cabin class piston and turbo prop, we have to see the aircraft and review all the logbooks and components. For the maintenance part, we retain the services of a licensed mechanic.

Usually, the highest value is not the retail price but it is the highest price a client should pay for the aircraft. The lowest value is the price to inventory the aircraft. In the appraisal a margin or error between 3% to 5% (+ or -) can be figured. All our appraisals are backed up by the market where similar aircraft are offered for sale. Our aircraft appraisals are always in US dollars and can be converted to Canadian dollars if asked.


An aircraft appraisal is an essential part of the financing process. It is necessary to support a loan by a bank or a lender. Amongst its distinguished clientele, Canada-Aircraft-Appraisal (EAC) is proud to include most of all Canadian Bank and Financing institution.

As an aircraft owner you need to know the asking price of your aircraft as well as the value you will give your insurer.

On request we will be pleased to give a quotation for the aircraft to be appraised and we would be delighted to supply any further information.

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