Thabet Aeroplus


Thabet Aeroplus is in close contact with any parties liable to answer your needs; they are familiar with the market of used aircraft sales, and put their international network to work for the benefit of both buyer and seller. Researching and presenting aircraft require an energetic and alert approach, focussed on the approach pertinent to the targeted promotional areas. Our access to advertising and marketing resources favour effective results.

In addition, we have direct and privileged access to various databases of used aircraft for sale, giving us an even greater edge in reaching your goals. We can easily spot business opportunities that would likely go unnoticed by anyone from a less specialized field.


Are you in the market for an aircraft? We’ll find it for you! Thabet will subject your needs to the most meticulous analysis so as to determine the type of aircraft best suited to your needs. We will take into account anticipated usage and expected workload, as well, of course, as your budgetary goals.

We will study the market’s potential to satisfy the body of your personal or corporate needs, in budgetary and technical matters. With Thabet, you sidestep the tedious burden of shopping, and armed with judiciously and professionally targeted data, you will be afforded the opportunity to make a clear-headed decision.


Upon identifying your needs Thabet Aeroplus will select for you the best aircraft for your operations and travel. In some cases, we may even submit alternatives from which  you may choose the most pertinent.

For each of the proposed aircraft, we will provide you with a detailed list of its characteristics, its mechanical and aesthetic state, pertinent recommendations, as well as the financial aspect. You will also receive valuable information such as operating costs, comparative price and performance tables, etc. These analyses, submitted by our experts, will enable you to make an optimal choice.


Thabet Aeroplus is particularly skilful in the analysis and realisation of  special projects. Whatever the type of aircraft, whatever the technical specifications, whatever functions are sought after (transportation, multi-mission, reconnaissance, crop dusting, firefighting, etc.), our vast experience in the field allows us to answer the most varied needs.


For Thabet Aeroplus, the sale and purchase of aircraft are daily activities. We are therefore familiar with the ins and outs of such transactions. Sensitive to market fluctuations, we will counsel you on any opportunities that may arise.

We also have the expertise required for the research and the processes related to financing the acquisition of an aircraft. We are aware that for the study of a project, financial institutions require objective evaluations. Our network of professionals will also cater to your needs in this area.

Our specialists can also analyse the legal and financial actions required for a successful and worry-free transaction.


Once you have chosen your aircraft, Thabet Aeroplus will supervise the complete mechanical inspection, which will be performed by accredited mechanics. We will ensure that the state of the aircraft corresponds in every way to the description on the deed of sale.

Our experienced technicians pay particular attention to all these steps, exactly as if they were purchasing the aircraft themselves.


Our involvement doesn’t necessarily stop once the transaction is finalized. We will remain attentive to your subsequent and related needs. Our satisfaction depends on the satisfaction of our clients.

At Thabet, we are in a stimulating field where the search for and the sale of aircraft is much more than just a job : it’s our passion above all. Our people are experienced, competent, dynamic, and devoted to the aviation industry. They will dedicate themselves to reaching your goals.

Thabet Aeroplus is proud of its team, its resources, its service, and its results; you will certainly feel the same !